Bigg Boss Telugu Vote. Missed Call Numbers Telugu Bigg boss Voting Kaushal, Deepthi &Geetha Madhuri Online

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2: Now its time for The Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Online Season 2 is going to AIR on 10th June by Natural Star Nani Lets Vote Up your Favorite Contestants Online, television reality show which is produced and broad casted in several Indian languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi; has received huge viewer ship from audiences all across India and also some of its overseas residents.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Online

After the huge success of Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 hosted by Jr NTR, the franchise is back with the second season of the show. The Season 2 is all set to be aired on Sunday, 10 June 2018. This season will be hosted by famous Telugu movie actor, producer and media personality, Naveen Babu Ghanta.

He is popularly known as Nani, Navin or Natural Star. Nani recently took to Twitter to announce, “Babai .. Eesari Inkkoncham Masala #BiggBossTelugu2” which means, “This time, with more masala.” This tweet makes this season of Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu even more exciting.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote

Vote Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Poster Image may be subject to copyright@starmaa

Nani started his movie acting career with Telugu movie Ashta Chamma, where he played the role of Mahesh aka Rambabu. He has been a recipient of the State Nandi Award for Best Actor (movie Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu) and Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor (movie Bhale Bhale Magadivoy). Presently, he is associated with movies like Krishnarjuna Yudham, Palaandu Vaazhga and Awe. The Natural Star is riding high on his success after giving back-to-back blockbuster hits in 2017.

Apart from the host Nani, reports suggest that movie actors Raj Tarun, Charmi and Sri Reddy will be among the 16 participants of the second season of Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu. The entire list of contestants will be revealed during the launch of the season on 10th June 2018. On May 29, the Star Maa channel tweeted, “The wait is over!! #BiggBossTelugu2 is starting from June 10th with 16 Celebrities, 100+ Days and 1 BIGG house. #YedainaJaragachu.”

Also, it has been speculated that this season of Bigg Boss will also feature general people along with the celebrities. According to online rumours, the following 16 are likely to make the final 16 of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu:

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Contestants List & Missed call Numbers

Contestants Names  Missed Call Number Status 
Singer Geetha Madhuri 7729998801
TV9 Anchor Deepthi 7729998808
Actress Tejaswi 7729998806 (Eliminated )
Hero Tanish 7729998811
Actress Deepthi Sunaina 7729998812
Actor Samrat 7729998815
Rationalist Babu Gogineni 7729998805  (Eliminated )
Actor Kireeti Damaraju 7729998816  (Eliminated )
Anchor Shyamala 7729998802  (Eliminated )
Roll Rida (Telugu Rapper ) 7729998807  (Eliminated )
Amit Tiwary 7729998813  (Eliminated )
Kaushal 7729998817
Bhanu Sri 7729998804  (Eliminated )
Ganesh (Commoner Man) 7729998803  (Eliminated )
Sanjana (Commoner Man) 7729998814 (Eliminated )
Nutan Naidu (Commoner Man) 7729998809 (Eliminated )
Nandini Rai 77299988–  (Eliminated )
Note: Save your Favorite Contestants From Elimination By Giving A Missed Call to Assigned Numbers From Above Table

To vote for your favorite contestant Give a Missed Call #BiggBossTelugu2

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Kaushal Manda, Tv9 Anchor Deepthi &Geetha Madhuri

Come June 10, and all will be crystal clear; who makes it to the final 16 and who does not. This season is bound to give audiences several surprises. The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 promises to bring more excitement and overall entertainment than the first season.

Now, as most of us know the Bigg Boss television series is primarily based on online voting by the shows audiences, to keep their favourite contestants in the show. The contestant who receives less number of audience votes is eliminated from the show and asked to leave the Bigg Boss House. So it is very important for the audiences to know how one can vote online for their favourite contestants and keep them in the hunt for the winner’s title in this Season 2. Read on to know more about the Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote process.

Step by Step Guide for Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2

The Bigg Boss Telugu Voting can be done via two methods. You can visit the Telugu Bigg Boss Season 2 online voting website and then vote for your contestant from among those nominated or you can give a missed call on numbers assigned to the contestants. Every contestant is assigned a unique calling number for the purpose of elimination voting. Let us see how the voting process takes place.

As per the Bigg Boss rules, every house guest (contestant) is nominated by the other guests for an elimination every week. The guests who get nominated then go through public voting and are then eliminated from the house based on the number of votes they get. How this happens is, every week each contestant gets to nominate two of his fellow guests for the elimination round.

The guest who gets maximum number of nominations from fellow inmates is then put into the elimination round. Now, all those guests who are put in the elimination round have to ask the public to vote for them, in order to stay back in the Bigg Boss house. The voting lines are then opened up for the public. Depending on the number of votes, the Bigg Boss decides which contestant (who gets minimum votes) gets eliminated from the house. Let us now see how one can vote for their favourite contestants and prevent them from being eliminated.

Telugu Big Boss – Online Voting Process

In order to cast a vote for your favorite contestant online, first you need to login from your Gmail account.

  1. You need to open the Google search page and enter the keywords, “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” or “Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Voting” or “Star Maa Bigg Boss Voting” or “Bigg Boss Vote 2018”. You will get the link to the online voting website by Star Maa.
  2. Now when you navigate to the voting page, you can see a list of all the contestants nominated for the elimination round. You can now click your favourite contestant and move the voting bar to register the total number of votes.
  3. The Bigg Boss 2 rules allow you to cast a maximum of 50 votes from one email address. These 50 votes can be split by you according to your convenience. You can give them all to one contestant or spread them among a few of them.
  4. After you complete giving all your 50 Votes, click on “Submit Vote” button. This enables the system to now finalize and register your votes to the participants.

Important Note: The online voting system is active on all weekdays i.e. from the night on Monday, 10 PM onwards upto the end of Friday 11.59 PM. The audience cannot cast any votes on the weekends (both Saturday and Sunday).

Telugu Bigg Boss Vote Season 2 – Missed Call Voting Process

Along with the online voting option, the viewers can also register their votes by giving a missed call from their phones to the specific numbers allotted to the contestants. These numbers are allotted by the Bigg Boss team and every contestant gets a unique number for his use throughout the entire season until his / her elimination.

The list of contestants for Telugu Bigg Boss Season 2 will be declared during the launch of the season on 10 June 2018. After the list is declared and the show starts, viewers will be communicated the missed call voting numbers for each contestant. Watch this space for more information regarding the numbers. However, it must be noted that one can only give 10 votes per registered number every week. Any vote above 10 will not be considered.

Telugu Bigg Boss 2 Vote Season 2 – Voting Rules and Regulations

It is quite clear that the entire outcome of Bigg Boss Telugu show is based upon voting by the audiences to their favourite participants. Therefore, the people managing the show have put several rules and regulations regarding the voting options and voting process. These rules make it a fair elimination for all participants. Let us see what these rules are:

  1. The voting process is designed in order to enable the viewers to save their favourite participants from getting eliminated. Hence, participation in the poll does not entitle any audience member to prizes or gifts. It is purely an individual’s choice to participate in the Bigg Boss voting.
  2. Online voting can be done only via valid Gmail accounts and cannot be done through any other email accounts that the viewers may have.
  3. Viewers registering their votes online are limited to 50 votes per Gmail account per week. One can make additional votes using different Gmail accounts.
  4. Viewers who are registering their Telugu Bigg Boss votes via missed call, are required to have a valid mobile number registered with Indian telecom operators only.
  5. Also one can register a maximum of 10 votes from one mobile number per week. There is no cost associated with the missed call. Any vote above the allowed 10 votes is rejected and not taken into account.
  6. The voting done through the Star MAA official website and the official missed call numbers are only considered for elimination purposes. Voting done through any other website, facebook pages, apps, mobile numbers etc. are not considered valid.

Star MAA Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 – Game Rules and Regulations

The Bigg Boss Telugu show involves a lot of drama, tasks and activities which can lead to very uncertain or complex situations at times. Hence, the show participants, game process, voting and other facets of the show are highly regulated incase of such ambiguities that may arise. Let us see some of these rules and regulations:

  1. The second season of the show will be conducted for 100 days (instead of the earlier 71 days).
  2. The Season 2 of Telugu Bigg Boss is speculated to comprise a total of 16 participants who are commonly referred to a house guests or housemates.
  3. These housemates are to live in the Bigg Boss house for a total of 100 days or until their elimination from the house. This house is completely isolated from the outside world.
  4. The show will have about 60 different type of cameras fixed in the entire house which will monitor all the contestant’s activities. The idea is to rid the participants of their privacy and monitor their behavior in such a scenario.
  5. The housemates do not have any access to the world outside during their stay in the Bigg Boss house. They even cannot leave the house premises without prior permission.
  6. The house guests are restricted from using any devices like mobile phones or television. Also they have no access to the internet, social media or any other form of communication with the world outside the house.
  7. The contestants will be subjected to an elimination round every week. Participants who enter the elimination round seek votes from the public audiences to enable them to stay back in the house. Participants who get least number of votes via the Bigg Boss vote online and through the missed call system will get eliminated and have to leave the house.
  8. About five contestants who survive all the elimination rounds will enter the season finale and all of them will be subjected to public voting. The one who secures the highest voting will be the winner of the season and take home a cash prize.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed until 10 June 2018 for the excitement to begin. The Star MAA Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 will definitely be launched with great pomp and show.

2nd Season Telugu Bigg Boss 2 Voting Numbers Will Be Updated above you can vote up your favorite Participant by giving missed call Or By sending SMS Message

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