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Patta Chitta Online: These Words are More Familiar In Tamil Nadu Because Often they use Words Patta Chitta Where In Land Dealings Buy And Sell So Lets Jump into it Patta is a land revenue record which establishes the title/ ownership of land. The Patta Register is maintained at Taluk office and contains ownership details of all Land holdings. And Chitta is an extract from the Patta register that gives ownership details of land that belong to a person or persons.

patta chitta fmb map online

Patta Chitta FMB MAP online

Patta What is it? Why it is Called As

The government of Tamil Nadu maintains land revenue records known as patta and Chitta. Patta is defined as a document which shows the ownership of the property. It also contains details such as the area of the land, its location, and details of the survey conducted on the land. Patta works as legal evidence during the purchase of land, and the verification of this document confirms that the land is being purchased from its rightful owners. Usually, patta is issued by the Dhasidhar in taluk offices.

Patta Document Online status

Sample Patta Document

A valid patta is required for the buying and selling of land. The patta ensures that there are Government records of the land’s previous ownership. Once the transaction is complete, the new owner must ask the taluk office to transfer the patta, so that the buyer maintains a clean title.

Chitta What is it? Why it is Called As

Chitta is also a government document, which is related to the immovable property maintained by the Village Administrative Officer and the local taluka office. It can also be defined as an extract from a patta document that details the ownership of land belonging to one or any person/s. The Chitta also makes note of the division of land based on whether it is nanjai or punjai.

Chitta sample document

Chitta Sample Document

Nanjai: Land with plenty of water. This type of land usually has a water body like a lake or river nearby.

Punjai: This is comparatively dryer land that has fewer water bodies, and has means like bore wells.

How to Procure Patta Chitta Online & Status

To make matters easier for citizens, the government of Tamil Nadu has made the land record details available online. The patta and Chitta documents can be availed by visiting the taluk office. To procure the Patta Chitta details online, here are the steps that should be followed:

  1. Going to the website: The official land records website of Tamil Nadu has portals from where you can access the Patta Chitta details of a land.
  2. Choose the option: Once you visit the website, choose the Patta/FMB/Chitta/TSLR Extract option. Then select the district in which the property you want to be verified is located.
  3. Provide details: Provide all the details that have been asked for on the screen. Some of these details will include Taluk, Village, Ward, Block, Survey Number, and Sub Division Number.
  4. Check the validity certificate: Once all the details have been entered, you will have to select the option “Authentication Value” and click on the Submit option. Then, the Certificate from the Town Survey Land Registrar will be available for you, containing all the details that you need about the property.

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Transfer of Patta Chitta Online

Patta Chitta can be transferred once the ownership of the land moves from one person to another. For the transfer process, the new owner will have to procure a transfer application from the local taluka office along with the following documents:

  • Signed patta transfer application
  • Copy of the sale deed. The original document needs to be submitted for verification
  • Proof of possession such as property tax receipt
  • Encumbrance certificate

What is an FMB Sketch?

FMB or Field Measuring Book is a document which has compiled information regarding map data of the particular location. This book is owned by the government and stored in the local tahsildar’s office. FMB sketches are necessary for property transactions, as they can be used to verify the land measurements of the property in question.

Because the FMB is a strictly Government document, an FMB sketch of the property in question can be obtained only if the person concerned submits a request in writing to the local tahsildar’s office.

What comprises an FMB?

The elements listed below are all part of an FMB

  • G-Line
  • F-Line
  • Subdivision Lines
  • Neighboring survey numbers
  • Ladder
  • Extension Lines
  • Neighbouring Field survey numbers

To know what each of these elements actually means in detail, you can read on:

  • G Line

The outline of the sketch is known as the G-Line. This imaginary line cuts the entire property into a series of triangles. The various points of the sketch are measured in accordance with these triangles. Since the G Line is the absolute basic of an FMB sketch, any error in drawing the G line will result in mistakes in the calculation later.

  • F lines

With the F lines, one can know the actual field boundaries and outer lines of the property.

  • Subdivision Lines

The survey lines point out a small part of the land with a survey number. The subdivision lines are demarcated with the help of the ladder in all circumstances, except in cases where the graphical representation of the FMB sketch is necessary.

  • Ladder

The offset distance which decides the field line points with reference to the G Lines can be deviated to the right or left. These deviations are measured in terms of the ladder. The details of the ladder are converted into electronic data to get an almost accurate representation of the land in the FMB.

  • Extension lines

Since the property is usually never located in isolation, there are other fields surround the FMB sketch in question. The direction in which the property concerned joins a neighboring property is known as the extension line.

  • Neighboring field survey numbers

Since each survey sketch is located in the environment of numerous other fields, the other fields are marked on the FMB. When this is done, it becomes easier for the FMB to be converted into a D- sketch.

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How to get an FMB sketch of a property?

In order to procure an FMB for a particular property, one will have to approach the local Tahsildar’s office. A written request must be submitted to this same office. It must be noted here that there is no provision for acquiring the FMB sketch of a property online in the Tamil Nadu government. Also, if you find that a particular FMB sketch is unavailable or outdated, you can make an appeal to the office for them to look into the matter.

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